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30 November 2012 @ 06:22 pm
#40 Finally  

Weekly review

|WATCHED| Friends on Bluray (Season 7-8) |LISTENED| Jon Huertas - Ledge of love |READ| Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell |DONE| supervised the practical course again, went to the Christmas Market with a couple of friends |THOUGHT| How sad it is that you have to become an annoying client before certain companies finally deal with your problem. | BEEN HAPPY ABOUT| I finally got my iPhone :-D & I received a really sweet email from one of the lab leaders I worked for the past 2 weeks.| BEEN SAD ABOUT| -
|BEEN ANNOYED ABOUT| - |WISHED| My timing was better |BOUGHT| - |CLICKED| telekom_hilft Message Board, Tumblr |BEEN AMAZED ABOUT| how much Nikki and Jamie (our birds) have grown