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10 August 2012 @ 08:24 pm
→ First of all someone had stolen a graphic of mine again. I know I should not get this mad about it all the time because it happens A LOT - and not just to me. But still. If people apologize and remove it, it's ok. No hard feelings. But this girl actually turned nasty again. She even posted text entries on her tumblr stating she'd be sorry about all the fuss about her taking pictures from google and posting them, but at the same time she kept the stolen graphics online. Various people wrote to her, but she only finally removed the post after I had written 3 messages to her, the last one stating that I knew she was online because she's been posting 1 minute before. Again I got a bitchy reply but at least she removed the post. 
Another thing that was revealed today because of this is that tumblr has changed their support again. Previously the tumblr staff removed reposts of stolen graphics if you sent them the link to the repost and to the original you had posted. But now all you get is an email that you have to send specific DMCA data to prove that you actually own the picture etc. So yeah, not helpful at all. And this wasn't a misunderstanding. Another girl who had the same problem today got the same reply from another member of the tumblr staff. So yeah, I guess the requests to remove posts have become too frequent for them to handle so they just stop altogether unless you can prove that you took that picture and are the rightful owner, which in fact nobody is who posts fanart (besides completely new drawings maybe). So yeah, the effort we all put into our graphics is not enough to base a takedown request on anymore.

EDIT: Ok, so apparently the members of the Tumblr Support don't have the same policy how to handle these things now. I had written a 2nd report before the 1st one was answered because it had taken unusually long. Now I got the answer from the 2nd one just a few minutes ago and they removed the reblogs without further wanting legal information. I have NO IDEA now why one person does this and the other does that now.

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05 August 2012 @ 05:13 pm
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24 July 2012 @ 06:27 pm

I finished reading "A Dance with Dragons" last week. After months of reading mainly "A song of Ice and Fire" all other books seem to have a rather bad style and I'm so quickly done with them, too. I read "Hothouse Flower" on the weekend and this was most likely one of the worst-written, unsurprising, typically romance story ever. I have no idea why this book is in the bestseller list over here. But well, same applies to 50 shades of grey. But right now I guess it won't take long until I start to reread Game of Thrones. Especially since you have a better insight into who's favoring who after having read all books which are currently out there. George R.R. Martin better writes fast...

A new show which really drew me in is "Nikita". I've seen promo pics for this show several times before but I never watched anything until a couple of weeks ago. Now I'm up to 1.15 and totally love it. Finally another show featuring strong women, secret organizations AND a good storyline. I've been missing such a show since ALIAS has ended. Some aspects really remind me of ALIAS, especially the fact that both Nikita's and Sydney's boyfriends were killed and that this is already revealed in the very first episode, but some other aspects are really new. Any other Nikita fans here?

I've also made it to the cinema again two weeks ago. A friend of mine had asked around who wanted to join him to watch "The Amazing Spiderman". I initially hadn't planned to see it, just because I thought it would be the 1000th spiderman movie. But people seem to have liked it and my friend couldn't find anyone else to go with him. In the end my "sacrifice" for my friend turned out to be an amazing decision. Honestly, forget the last three spiderman movies, I like this one so much better. The storyline appeared to be better developed to me and the scientific background was another plus. I even watched this movie another time with my mom this weekend. One thing that I still find amusing is how 3/4 of the viewers leave the room as soon as the credits start. How come most people don't know that most movies still have an additional sequence after the credits? And the one they showed for "The Amazing  spiderman" really isn't that unimportant.  Has anyone else here seen the movie? What did you think?
23 May 2012 @ 05:05 pm
I've created a second tumblr this week. The first one will be filled with my own artwork only, but the new one is where I'll reblog Castle-related artwork I admire.
So if you're not following way too many life-ruiners already, feel free to check it out: 

http://small-clear-voices-in-our-hearts.tumblr.com/ - 
20 May 2012 @ 06:44 pm
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SPOILER WARNING: This artwork contains content taken from 4.23 (season finale)

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09 April 2012 @ 12:24 pm

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The Hunger Games

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08 April 2012 @ 08:57 am

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16 March 2012 @ 08:11 pm
And another entry today :) Remember my fear of not getting into the major I wanted because the area is very popular and the professors always pick the ones with the best grades only? I MADE IT! As of next semester I have Immunology modules only. The first one starts on the 23th April. Besides the main module I'll also have two smaller modules, one is Virology and the second is Clinical Immunology (Immunodeficiencies, allergies,...). I'm so looking forward to this semester already !
28 February 2012 @ 04:36 pm

Geburtstag & Castle-Tuesday, da müsstest du ja eigentlich wunschlos glücklich sein oder? :)
Falls nicht wünsche ich dir, dass heute möglichst viele deiner Wünsche erfüllt werden! 

Man liest sich ;-)